Tony Westcott

Tony comes from a signwriting and design background. Twelve years ago he moved into ministry, and he is currently at St Francis Church, Hillcrest, where he has been for seven years.

Tony is Secretary of the Neurogenesis Trust.

Tony is currently a member of two trust boards which have an involvement in the community. Tony understands the benefits of music therapy can play in the healing process and joy it brings.

Graham Horne

Graham is a professional musician with a wealth of life experience. You can read about him in the “Musicians” section. As one of the founding musicians of Neurogenesis, he is an excellent person to help guide its direction and operations.

Dr Dave Ward-Smith

Dave has come to music therapy through firsthand experience, following a serious head injury that left him in a coma for 10 days, eight years ago. Being a keen musician and osteopath at the time of his accident, Dave found that music helped him enormously in his subsequent recovery. His interest has shifted from osteopathy to working with the brain through music.

Dave is involved with the Neurogenesis Trust as Creative Director and Founder of the Trust, and also as Chairman.