Singing for Health

This is an interactive session of music. Graham will play and sing the songs at the same time the words are projected on the screen so as everybody can sing along.

Singing those songs that you remember as a younger person can wake up memories and rejuvenate.

The songs are picked that are well known and from that imprint-able age – songs from yesteryear.

A coordinated programme of singing and vocalising has health benefits in several areas:

*Physical health – proper breathing and posture improve overall comfort, confidence, and ability to perform other physical tasks. Vocal excercises target specific body parts to improve lung capacity, fitness and vocal control.

*Emotional health – raising the spirits, improving confidence, remembering good memories and feelings, having fun with other participants.

*Spiritual health – reinforcing positive ideas and values, connecting with life-affirming values.

* Just having fun!!

The Singing for Health sessions are led by Graham Horne, an experienced musician and music teacher who has two LTCL music diplomas. Graham chooses songs and exercises relevant to participants’ age group, level of physical fitness and flexibility, and experience.

The sessions are interactive – participants can request favourite songs.

Drum and Vocal Therapy can be hugely valuable for those who have difficulties in hearing, seeing, moving, thinking or responding. And at the same time, the smartest kid on the block can join in.  Rhythm work crosses many boundaries.