Literacy & Numeracy

Music for literacy and numeracy together with speech development.

These courses are designed for developmental delay for preschool  to below 8 years old level of cognitive development.. We can mix the groups and still give developmentally appropriate tasks to the individual.

Current brain research is helping us understand of how children learn. Neuroscience has allowed us to see the effect of music on the brain.

Music and literacy

Musical participation stimulates brain activity, involving the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic senses. The relationship between language and music has been recognized throughout history, particularly as words are expressed through melody and rhythm. Melody is built on the natural phrasing, rhythm, pitch, accent, syllabication, and rhyme of language.

Music and math are linked through the natural proportions of rhythm and acoustics.  Music will help you remember numerical problems, using drumming and chanting.

We use projectors, internet and computers as well as instruments.

. Music can help you speak

Our courses are very practical . We start off with some kinesthetic exercises then using music melody and rhythm coach students into pronunciation using phonemes ,syllables and words  to music to reading and where possible writing.