African Drumming

Drumming, rhythm and chanting tap into the primordial parts of the brain and connect to  everyday functions that we take for granted.  From banging out rhythms to communicate over long distances, to the complex rhythms and cadences of speech.

Drum and Vocal Therapy can be hugely valuable for those who have difficulties in hearing, seeing, moving, thinking or responding. And at the same time, the smartest kid on the block can join in.  Rhythm work crosses many boundaries.

In our African drumming sessions we combine the rhythms of the African drum with chanting, singing and speaking.  Our musicians are always inventing games involving rhythm, actions and vocals.

This single instrument can possess qualities of sound and tone irresistible enough to reach out in a direct, uncomplicated manner. Music contributes to: reasoning ability, reading skills, feelings and response, personal fulfillment, language development, the promotion of communication, motor control and physical well-being, positive attitudes to learning, socializing and pleasurable experiences in a group. This also enhances and focuses on sensory needs.

People who experience severe obstacles in forming relationships with other children, adults and their environment can achieve security and joy in making music through African drumming and chanting.

  • Developing speech through rhyme and rhythm
    African drumming captivates and maintains attention
  • African drumming and chanting stimulates and utilizes many parts of the brain encouraging new neural networks, therefore learning.
  • It is easily adapted to, and can be reflective of, a person’s abilities.
  • It provides a meaningful, enjoyable context for repetition.
  • Our African drumming sessions provide a social context – it sets up a safe, structured setting for verbal and nonverbal communication.
  • Music is an effective memory aid.
  • It supports and encourages movement, enhances fine and gross motor skills.
  • Music taps into memories and emotions, helps increase self esteem
  • It relaxes people, so for instance the spasticity of someone with cerebral palsy can be helped through drumming.
  • It can work wonders with autistic people.

Music is success-oriented – people of all ability levels can participate and best of all, it is great fun.


African Drumming Workshop

Star Sherret and Nathan Bergman