At Neurogenesis we help people with special needs rewire their brains through music.

Neurogenesis is a registered charitable trust that offers a wide range of musical activities, and we are growing in diversity all the time.  We are an eclectic bunch of local musicians who have come together to volunteer our time to provide therapeutic music sessions to people with a variety of conditions. As musicians we believe in the power of music for healing emotionally, physically and neurologically, and want to share this passion for the healing powers of music.

Trust in the music says it all.  We speak with our special needs clients through the medium of music.  There is good reason to believe that singing came before speech.  It is a primordial medium of communication.  From beating a rhythm on a drum, to chanting notes, to singing songs with words – music reaches back in our evolution and connects to today with complex songs.  Music works on all levels of the mind, from emotion to cognition.  Einstein, when he had a problem that he could not resolve, played his violin and thought just of the music, and often after that the answer would come to him. Music can help reshape the brain in many conditions, including cerebral palsy, depression, intellectual disability, traumatic brain injury, stroke and dementia.

We have recently moved to our full time venue at 93a Riverlea Road, Hillcrest, Hamilton. We have a fantastic new venue here, and many new projects and courses. Check out the time table. Find a map in the contact page. We have music and numeracy/ literacy programmes, Shake Rattle & Roll, and Musical Looping for developmental delay. We have “If you can’t say it, sing it!” for those who have lost the ability to speak through stroke or trauma. We have movement and breathing through Seated yoga for senior citizens (to music, of course!) by the celebrated and very qualified Maureen McKain. All actions at Neurogenesis promote learning and well being.

We also have, starting after school has finished, The Learning Breakthrough Program. This is a series of kinesthetic exercises anyone can do, but that is widely used for helping children with ADHD, dyslexia, and learning differences. I have used it on my son and saw an unprecedented improvement in his English. It is very simple and effective. Some might remember it being sold as the Dore program. It was very expensive and the company fell over. The learning breakthrough program is based on exactly the same research but here it is, available to all.

We are constantly growing, with new projects starting all the time. We are about developing effective programmes and connecting the right musicians to the right groups, and we are open to suggestions.

There are many scientific papers demonstrating the therapeutic power of music. Have a look at this article on the Herald website.